About Us

Hi I’m Vicki Tomlinson.

I am the author and creator of Curve to Success: your #1 resource to personal development, for direction, focus, and growth.

For years, I have helped others raise the lid on their lives, challenging them to find their passion, raise the bar and lead.

Every day, as far back as I can remember into my childhood, my dad would ask me fifty times a day – “Are you a leader or a follower Sissy?” “Be an Eagle and rise above teaching others to do the same,” he’d say.

I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about teaching the levels of leadership, starting with personal development. Helping you to create and do what matters in creating and living your life.

My mission is to help you with direction, to leverage focus, achieve growth to succeed in life.

My mission is not to draw a following that results in a crowd of idleness – My goal is to develop a movement of leaders creating an unstoppable momentum of people raising the lid of personal development to create opportunity.

To do that – I created this affordable, step by step program, filled with tools, tips, and techniques to grow personally and professionally over time, Create goals and achieve them.

I write, create, and teach on personal development, leadership, productivity, and travel. And I share many recipes because I love to cook.

My goal is to create relevant content that you can put to work, that means to breathe life into your vision, add action to your steps in both your personal and professional life.

I hope you’ll start your journey with me today – I guarantee you it will be life changing, if you are willing and open to the program, in stepping outside the box.

See you on the Curve to Success.


My Family

I have three wonderful children, my oldest a son who lives in Texas with his wife, son and a new baby girl on the way, a daughter who is at the University of Houston going for double major in Physical Therapy and Nutrition also lives in Texas with the love of her life, the youngest a daughter who is single lives in California following her dreams at university of UC Davis.

While I was fortunate as a child to have grown up with all my grandparents, great grandparents and great, great, grandma. Today they are deceased. My mother passed away in 2000, and my father in 2003.

My Business Partner and Friend Lynne Williams.

Hello! I am Lynne Williams, the financial end of the Curve to Success program. With Vicki’s direction on your personal growth paired with a comfort zone for your money organization, you can be on a direct path to peace and happiness. Not having control of your finances and budget will cause you to lose focus on your growth curve.

I used my experience of 8 years being on staff for a public accounting firm plus the years on my own as a bookkeeper/accountant for private companies and individuals, to give clients the information they need to run their businesses and personal lives smoothly and worry free.

If one of your goals in the Curve to Success program is to grab the bull by the horns in your financial world, you can start here! I will show you how to categorize, reconcile and put into perspective your spending and savings to see where the money goes (or doesn’t?).

I’ve always loved the “puzzle” solving of accounting, there always has to be a check and a balance, the Ying and the Yang of numbers universe. With one comes the other, and with the balance of finances and personal growth, your curve to success can go nowhere but up!

So let us help you achieve your balance, your personal inner peace! Join the Curve to Success today and get started on your road to happiness!

See you on the Curve to Success.


My Family

I have lived in the Katy, TX are for over 20 years. I moved here from New England in 1992 with my 4 year old daughter, who is now a kindergarten teacher in Austin, TX. She was awarded the AISD Teacher of Promise award in 2012/2013 and participates with and was featured in The Carnegie Foundations BTEN program (Building a Teaching Effectiveness Network). I also have a son who is a junior in high school and is in the drum line for the marching band. He aspires to be an Engineer and attend Texas A&M or Rice University. Currently he is ranked in the top 3% of his class.

Along with my bookkeeping business, I am the President/Treasurer of the Band Booster organization at my son’s high school. The other love in my life is my 7 year old Blue Healer named Callie.

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  • 99% of those who have reached success had at least one coach…

    “Curve to Success” is the First Monthly Coaching Program that fits in your budget, helps you get unstuck, creates positive momentum, shows you how to generate revenue, find your purpose or true north, have a better family life, more quality time for a more productive quality of life. Better health and outlook for the future.

    99% of those who have reached success had at least one coach, a coach is someone who is invisible behind the sense, helping them to be accountable, cheering them on to overcome barriers to achieve results, and being that sounding board of reason.

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